“Turpial” coffee brand belongs to Torrefactora Turpial 27 C. A. and what characterizes our coffee brand is that it is 100% high-quality Venezuelan Arabica Coffee.

Indeed, we dedicate ourselves to studying the coffee bean making alliances in the field, traveling to every coffee-growing state in Venezuela. We focus on finding the best coffee beans by liaising with the coffee-growing families, reaching even the neediest. In this way, we achieve a connection that allows our coffee, in addition to being of excellent quality, to leave a social contribution in each hacienda, farm or conuco through which we pass. Also, we are dedicated to buying from a sack of coffee in onwards, in cooperation with field’s families and entrepreneurs, who more than entrepreneurs, are day-to-day fighters. We do all this to bring our coffee brand to your home table.

Our coffee brand is characterized by having different origins, coming from the most important states in the coffee growing of Venezuela such as: Mérida, Portuguesa, Lara and Monagas.

To manufacture our products, we seek to take care from planting to the trajectory of it in its harvest. In the end, we get a beautiful cherry that you can get at home, a coffee that reminds you, with its aroma and flavor, that Your Favorite Coffee is Turpial and Turpial is your Coffee!

We work with yellow and red catuai, typical of different Venezuelan coffee regions. We focus on searching for those arabica coffee varieties to maintain a constant profile in our coffee brand.




Based on the honest foundations of social character, own progress and corporate comfort that have been instilled in us, our mission at Café Turpial is to supply the national and international market with processed green coffee (roasted, ground, soluble or lyophilized), products from coffee, related and other food items, to the sponsorship of the greatest quality and control models. We do it to delight the expectations of the final consumer and the commercial brand. In this way, we will create value attachments that enable the current and future aptitude and balance, both economic and labor, of the great family Turpial.


Conceive in a safe and feasible way, the industrial and commercial alternative of the Turpial Coffee Family, advancing perpendicularly and widely, in the national and international coffee quality consortium. We will, focusing on developing new products that provide an increasingly extensive and effective business preference for the common benefit.


Our values are based on humility and professional ethics; a group of principles that guide and encourage the individual to be more human, actions that help and guide him in his daily life in his full personal performance in function and in tune with the full success of the ideals of our company. Below, we summarize the high values that characterize us:

  • Excellency. Achieve continuous growth, being recognized nationally and internationally as masters in purchase, creation and sale of coffee.
  • Work with Purpose. Reflection of the function commotion that we perform internally and externally.
  • Honesty and Integrity. To hire with sincerity, truth, truthfulness, accuracy and respect to create a professional environment and full of values in our Organization.
  • Respect. To understand the ideas of our staff, seeking to get the best out of each one, without damaging their dignity.
  • Teamwork. The strength is in the joining, that is why our staff have the same approach towards achieving a common goal.
  • Commitment. We have a direction based on uninterrupted progress, encouraging the participation, endeavor and joining of our entire team towards the fulfillment of all our goals as a company.
  • Innovation. To vivify the advancement and use of new techniques in work practices, with the purpose to achieve new and exclusive strategies that boosts the creative and professional capacity of our staff to benefit the organization development.




Avenida Libertador y Sorocaima, Urb. El Rosal Municipio Chacao, Edificio Edifica, Piso 2 Oficina 2. Caracas.

Sales office:

(+58) 414 - 226 22 02
(+58) 212 - 953.27.92