Ground Coffee 500 gr – package of 6

Each package includes 6 units 500g bags of Ground Turpial Coffee

Made with 100%, Venezuelan Arabica Coffee Beans.



This package is 6 units 500g bags of Ground Turpial Coffee and is a practical form of presentation for your Turpial Coffee.

Certainly, this package with 6 units 500g bags of Ground Turpial Coffee is ideal to market but also, it can be enjoyed by families, companies, restaurants, and individually.

Definitely, when you have the 500gr Ground Turpial Coffee bundle, you will get the quality of a great gourmet coffee of Venezuelan origin that will never disappoint you.

We put all our effort and passion in order to bring the Café Turpial Brand to the table in your home.

Indeed, Ground Turpial Coffee is made with 100% Venezuelan Arabica Coffee Beans, collected in their optimal state of maturation and carefully selected to achieve the ideal balance of roasting, intensity and acidity.

Ground Turpial Coffee has in its flavor and aroma, the sweetness of the Venezuelan coffee fields thanks to its impressive geographical diversity from which this exquisite drink emerges.

Café Turpial, Unique Flavor Like Venezuela!

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