Whole Bean Coffe 1 Kg

Turpial, Whole Bean Coffee of 1 Kg.

Made with 100%, Venezuelan Arabica Coffee Beans.



In each packaging of Turpial whole bean coffee of 1 Kg, you find the flavor and aroma of Arabica Coffee Beans of incredible quality and selection.

You will enjoy an elite coffee, unique and full of flavors and aromas of the Venezuelan coffee fields.

Turpial whole bean coffee of 1 Kg, is excellent to enjoy in the company, in the restaurant, or in the home warmth.

Turpial whole bean coffee is made with 100% Venezuelan Arabica coffee beans. The beans are collected in their optimal state of ripeness and carefully selected to achieve the ideal balance of roasting, intensity and acidity. We seek to take care of them since planting until their trajectory in the harvest.

With Turpial whole bean coffee, you will enjoy a Venezuelan coffee with all its aroma and flavor because when grinding coffee just before preparing it, the essential substances it contains are lost more slowly than when the coffee is ground earlier.

Turpial Café, Venezuelan Coffee, a blessed land that keeps its proud millennial heritage as a prodigious coffee-growing land.

Turpial Café, unique flavor like Venezuela!

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