Ground Turpial Coffee 200 gr

Each pack includes one 200g bag of Ground Turpial Coffee

Made with 100%, Venezuelan Arabica Coffee Beans.



The 200g bag of Turpial Ground Coffee is very practical and versatile. 200 grams is an ideal quantity to prepare a delicious coffee, share with friends and family, and to start the day full of energy.

Our coffee is made with high-quality and selected Arabica Coffee Beans and with all the passion of great Venezuelan coffee growers.

In each 200g bag of Ground Turpial Coffee, you will get a delicious and aromatic cup of coffee.

Ground Turpial Coffee is made with 100% Venezuelan Arabica Coffee Beans. Beans that are collected in their optimal state of ripeness and that are also carefully selected to achieve the ideal balance of roasting, intensity, and acidity.

With each 200g bag of Ground Turpial Coffee you will obtain the grinding that allows you to obtain a coffee that will remind you, with its aroma and flavor, that Your Preferred Coffee is Turpial.

Ground Turpial Coffee has in its flavor and aroma, the sweetness of the Venezuelan coffee fields. This is achieved thanks to its impressive geographical diversity from which this exquisite drink emerges.

Café Turpial, Unique Flavor Like Venezuela!

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